Voice of Listros

A campaign to change perspectives

VOICE OF LISTROS is a trilingual publication ( German, English, Amharic - about 300 pages) celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the German-Ethiopian initiative LISTROS e.V. in Berlin.

The Ethiopian youth forms the topical centre. VOICE OF LISTROS would like to be the voice and give reasons for people worldwide to discuss the youth's ideas and opinions.

VOICE OF LISTROS wants to demontrate how much courage in contained in poverty, to give emotional support to the whole people, to support cohesion and to raise civil society's awareness to their responsibility for every citizen.

With its wide range of reports on topics such as youth, arts, culture, sports and business in the context of Ethiopian youth, the volume is not only for the professional world. Also for interested laypeople it will be an inspiration on many levels.

In a wider sense VOICE OF LISTROS addresses all people that take their destinies into their own hands, are willing to learn from each other and get engaged in creating a global and cooperative community.

Shine with us

A partner will be anyone who purchases at least one copy of the annual volume VOICE OF LISTROS (nominal charge of €25 per issue), either for their own reading pleasure or as a gift to someone else.

Since we focus on sustainability, companies and institutions from politics and culture, as well as representatives of the media are most important to us. From them, we expect a special multiplier effect and thus the impetus for a change in perspective among the general public. Firstly, the book can be a welcome gift for business partners, customers and political friends; for others it can be a suitable present to libraries and schools in Germany and Ethiopia. Companies and institutions that pledge a higher donation in advance by purchasing a larger amount of the annual volume, will get the opportunity to explain in the annual volume how their approach to Corporate Social Responsibility relates to the Listros.

We will honour all companies and institutions that support us financially by putting their logo on our website and in other communications, as well as by mentioning them in press releases.

Your donations are tax deductable. For amounts under 100 € the German tax office accepts the funds transfer slip or a bank account statement. For amounts above 100 € we automatically send you a donation receipt for your tax declaration, as long as you provide your address on the remittance slip.

Contact Details

Dawit Shanko
President LISTROS e.V.

Kurfürstenstraße 33
10785 Berlin
Tel: 030 - 32591220

Account for Donations

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Account Number: DE 951 002 050 000 030 296 00