Christoph Hillmann

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Christoph Hillmann studied at the Conservatory Arnhem and finished with a degree as music teacher and concert exam. As a drummer, he was awarded prizes at the Jazz Festival Leipzig, Euro Jazz Brussels, Jazz Festival Münster and the Leverkusen Jazz Days. His productions SUBLIM III and ROOMS RESTORED received an ECHO JAZZ in 2012/13, and the ensemble TRIA Lingvo was honored with the New German Jazz Award in 2014.

Christoph Hillmann describes the shoeshine boxes - the material of the LISTROS art project MOVING BOXES - as a resonator in the physical and spiritual sense . "What fascinates me about the boxes ist the feeling of equality and difference, distance and proximity, individual and collective power and their role as ambassadors, " says Christoph Hillmann .

Christoph Hillmann composed the "Hymn for Listros" for a diatonic kalimba and "1000 steps " for the Udu. In his music he symbolizes the individual qualities of the boxes, their former owners and the encounters with their customers.

Filmausschnit Christoph Hillmann "1.000 Schritte"

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Anna Vierling

Anna Vierling is a psychologist and musician from Berlin. Born in 1981 in former West-Berlin, to an East-German mother and US-american father, she was raised bilingually at home and at an international public school.

Building bridges between cultures has been a common theme not only in her personal life but also in her career as an educational psychologist. Here she has developed and conducted violence prevention programs with children of all age groups, giving workshops to teachers and chaperones of extra-curricular activities. Inspired by the movie "Rhythm is it!" she conducted an evaluative study of a Berlin based choreography project for children of different cultural backgrounds "Tanzzeit", thereby providing this project with the scientific perspective necessary for funding. She currently holds a research and teaching position for educational psychology at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Anna Vierling started to sing before she could speak. She took up playing the piano at the age of eleven and continued to teach herself by ear. Throughout her life she has sung with musicians from across the globe, the styles ranging from Jazz to Soul to Rock to Folk. In 2008 she joined the acoustic-pop band "String Theory" and started exploring song-writing. In 2013 she began playing solo concerts of her own material, also lending material to beneficial concerts (for example a medical aid concert for children in Syria).

With her lyrics she tries to strip the human spirit of all its guards, thereby uncovering the fragility common to all people. With her warm and intense voice and sensitive interpretations she creates an intimate feel that surely moves any audience. In building a bridge of soulful understanding between the listeners, her hope for this event is to help LISTROS e.V. lay another brick for a bridge of compassion to Ethiopia.

Meike Goosmann

Meike Goosmann (Reeds, composition), hailing from a classical tradition and influenced early on by jazz music, Meike Goosmann studied jazz and popular music at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin.

Based in Berlin she performs within the German music scene and is inspired by the cooperation of artists from different art disciplines. These include Portuguese bass virtuoso Carlos Bica, pianist Julia Hülsmann, composer Hazel Leach, actress Hannelore Elsner, dancer Tabea Tettenborn and poet Ewa Boura.

As a composer Meike Goosmann focusses primarily on her leading role within the Meike Goosmann quintet and published her second CD "Tender Tales" in 2013. She also performs with the Marching BrassAppeal quartet, the trio Lézarde and the Composers' Orchestra Berlin.

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