Altar Veiling

Foto: Mechthild Wilhelmi

"Who turns to the feet, must be willing to get off the high horse, must make himself/herself small, must stoop, must demean himself/herself. Many Europeans have difficulties in doing so because it requires humility, the courage to serve and this, in turn, demands a certain greatness."

With these words the Ethiopian Prince Dr. Asfa-Wossen Asserate commends the work of the Listros.

The veiling of the altar traces an ancient Christian tradition. Within this religious context the installation of the shoehine boxes creates a new, powerful space for associations. Their patina and shape catch the eye: at first glance all boxes seem alike. Only when looking more closely does their distinctiveness become apparent, as every box tells its individual story about its nature, its place of origin and about a vision of a future in a gobal context. Combined with the letters by their owners this perception forms the central message of this art project: the appreciation of simple work and human unity.