Foto: Susanne Wehr

The interdisciplinary art project MOVING BOXES pays tribute to the work of young shoe shiners (Listros) in Ethiopia. 3500 wooden shoe shine boxes are its focal point. In 2010, Dawit Shanko initiated their journey and brought them to Berlin along with 3,500 „Letters to the World“ written by their former owners.

An exhibition tour is to take the 3500 boxes and the letters around the world with Ethiopia being the starting point and the final destination. Thus, the boxes will return home as pieces of art – having started as working tools they still bear their old stories, but will then be enriched with new energy and spirit.

During Holy Week 2014, the shoeshine boxes cover the altar of St. Matthäus-Kirche in Berlin's Kulturforum. Together with an exhibition of selected "Letters to the World" they are at the center of 2. BERLINER GLANZWERKE. 

Information on the veiling of the altar

Information on the exhibition