hORA on Palm Sunday

Foto: Judith Schenk

Listros wrote „Letters to the World“ that reached Berlin in their shoe shine boxes. Their messages are the centre of this „hORA“ Service on Palm Sunday.

„Love for me, Respect for my work“ - this quote by a Listro is the guiding message of the LISTROS initiative. 

hORA on Palm Sunday
Opening Ceremony of 2. BERLINER GLANZWERKE 
Sunday, 13.04.2014
, 18:00 hrs
St. Matthäus-Kirche im Kulturforum
Matthäikirchplatz | 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten

Sermon: Prof. Dr. Götz Doyé
Liturgist: Pfr. Christhard-Georg Neubert, Pfr. Reinhard Kees
Welcoming: Prinz Dr. Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Dawit Shanko
Reading: Benno Fürmann - Listros „Letters to the Welt“
Music: Josefine Horn (Orgel), Abiy Woldu (Saxophon), Joseph 'Blue' Grant (Steel Drum)

Afterwards, there will be a reception.

Following an old Christian tradition, the altar of  St. Matthäus-Kirche in Berlin's Kulturforum will be veiled during Holy Week. This time the usual Lenten veil will be replaced by 3,500 shoe shine boxes of Ethiopian shoe shiners forming an art installation.

In Ethiopia, the shoe shine boxes and their owners are called „Listro“, going back to the Italian word Lustro (making something shine or spreading shine). In addition to materialistic support, LISTROS aims at calling attention to the boys and girls who are shining examples for shining work. Despite of this, they are seen as pariahs of society.

Actor Benno Fürmann will read selected messages from the „Letters to the World“. Visitors of the service have the opportuity to read more of the letters in the exhibition accompanying the installation.