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Dawit Shanko: The cross thinker, Berlin

He is fed up with the image of the poor, pitiable image of Afircans. Galerist Dawit Shanko wants to show how much potential people in his home country have. 

Dawit Shanko, born in 1968, is fighting for a new, appreciative view on Africa. Through campaigns, exhibitions and educational work, the Ethiopian galerist in Berlin shows that his home country is full of people who actively and successfully engage for their future. He, in particular, points to the young people working as shoeshiners - called Listros – to earn money to go to school. With LISTROS Association Shanko is directly active in Addis Ababa. There he has been organizing campaigns, conferences and idea contests for the working youth so that they can stand up for their rights more confindently. Dawit Shanko grew up in Addis Ababa and was a shoeshine boy himself . At age 17 he came to study in Germany and works as a galerist today. He has three children and lives in Berlin. 

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