»STAY STRONG... until a bright day comes«
Alemayehu Eshete & the golden Age of Ethiopian Music

Music makes history, history makes music

Culture is a driving force for the social, historical and political development of a society. Culture can be an anchor and support, a force and an engine for change. Culture acts connecting, in a direct and emotional way.

An impressive example of the social and political impact of music is the 1941-born singer and songwriter Alemayehu Eshete, often described as the 'Ethiopian James Brown'. In times of the struggle for survival when there are no perspectives, his songs have played a special role for the young people in Ethiopia. Up to this day, his social-critical lyrics are very important for the youth in Ethiopia, giving them hope and motivation.

Listros e.V. acknowledges the socio-cultural relevance and the potential of his creative work. The project »Stay Strong«, taken from one of Eshetes' myriad song titles, honors the work and the impact of the musician. Furthermore, »Stay Strong« investigates his life and work, using the approach on how cultural interventions can strengthen underprivileged classes in a society.



Planned activities of STAY STRONG: